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Flight Deck

Aircraft Cockpit Parts

Accurate representative flight decks are required in many areas of aviation training, from full motion flight simulation for flight crew training through to cabin crew pilot incapacitation and cockpit door (CDSS) access training.

Any part can be offered from most popular aircraft cockpits, such as the Airbus A320 and Boeing B737 and typical parts required for training usually include:

  • Flight Controls
  • Flight Deck Seats - Captain (CPT) and First Officer (FO)
  • Cockpit 'J' Rails for Flight Crew Seats
  • Aircraft Flight Deck Doors & Frames
  • Flight Deck Jump Seats
Airline Aircraft Cockpit Seats and Parts for Sale
Aircraft Flight Deck Parts

Cabin Service

Galleys & Galley Equipment

Whatever your training requirements, from cabin service training to full SEP emergency training, the familiarisation of all situations that flight attendants could face in their careers require candidates to train in representative galleys.

Typical parts for building representative aircraft galleys include:

Aircraft Galleys & Galley Equipment for Sale
Aircraft Galleys & Equipment

Passenger Cabin

Original Parts, Fittings & Kits

For all aspects of general Flight Attendant training a representation of a complete or half cabin gives those in training the look and feel of the actual aircraft cabin.

Typical parts used to recreate aircraft cabins for classroom and standalone representations include:

Aircraft Cabin and Galley parts for training
Aircraft Passenger Cabin Parts

Aircraft Removed

Cuts & Sections

Representative Training Devices (RTD's) can also be fabricated from the original aircraft components too. Aircraft Door Trainers (DT) and Over Wing Exit (OWE) Trainers can be fabricated from the original, aircraft removed, items.

Larger sections, such as complete flight decks or cabin sections also offer a simple way to produce an accurate representation for training.

  • Aircraft Pasenger Cabin Type A Doors and Frames
  • Passenger Cabin Type 1 Exits and Frames
  • Aircraft Flight Deck Sections
  • Passenger Cabin Sections
Original Aircraft Cut Doors & Frames for Sale
Aircraft Door & Cabin Sections