Aircraft cabin, galley & flight deck parts

Original aircraft parts for building representative training devices.

The Aircraft Flight Deck

Accurate representative flight decks are required in many area of aviation training, from full motion simulation for flight crew through to cabin crew pilot incapacitation and cockpit door (CDSS) access training.

We can offer any part from the aircraft cockpit. Typical parts required for training are:

Airline Aircraft Cockpit Seats and Parts for Sale
  • Flight Deck Seats - Captain (CPT) and First Officer (FO)
  • Cockpit 'J' Rails for Flight Crew Seats
  • Aircraft Flight Deck Doors & Frames
  • Flight Deck Jump Seats

Aircraft Galleys & Airline Galley Equipment

Whatever your training requirements, from cabin service training to full SEP emergency training, the familiarisation of all situations that flight attendants could face in their careers require candidates to train in representative galleys.

Typical parts for building representative aircraft galleys include:

Aircraft Galleys & Galley Equipment for Sale

Original Aircraft Cabin Parts

For all aspects of general Flight Attendant training a representation of a complete or half cabin gives those in training the look and feel of the actual aircraft cabin. Typical parts used to recreate aircraft cabins for classroom and stand-alone representations include:

Aircraft Cabin and Galley parts for training

Original Aircraft Removed Parts and Sections for Fabrication into Training Equipment

Representative Training Devices (RTD's) can also be fabricated from the original aircraft components too. Aircraft Door Trainers (DT) and Over Wing Exit (OWE) Trainers can be fabricated from the original, aircraft removed, items.

Larger sections, such as complete flight decks or cabin sections also offer a simple way to produce an accurate representation for training.

Original Aircraft Cut Doors & Frames for Sale
  • Original Aircraft Type A Doors and Frames
  • Original Aircraft Type 1 Exits and Frames
  • Aircraft Flight Deck Sections
  • Aircraft Cabin Sections
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  • why we are best placed for your aircraft interior requirements.

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We are able to produce manufacturer generic and aircraft specific training simulations for virtually any cabin crew training requirements and any aircraft.

While every aircraft training schools mock up trainers differ, our core smoke, light and simulation systems remain the same whichever platform they are set to mimic.

Using client airline surplus equipment or drawn from our stock of recycled ex-fleet cabin components, we recondition for training use and supply either as static training aids or modification for use in our simluation systems.

Our simulation systems can be ustilised in any aircraft (or even non-aircraft) simulation variant.

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