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Our UK offices are currently closed for the day.

We aim to respond to all web visitor enquiries as quickly as possible, both inside and outside of our office hours.

Whether your enquiry is about our company, our training equipment, to discuss your training or upgrades to your training then please get in touch and we can get straight on with it.

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Or if you wish to talk directly give us a quick call on  +44 (0)1730 821489

We are able to produce manufacturer generic and aircraft specific training simulations for virtually any cabin crew training requirements and any aircraft.

While every aircraft training schools mock up trainers differ, our core smoke, light and simulation systems remain the same whichever platform they are set to mimic.

Using client airline surplus equipment or drawn from our stock of recycled ex-fleet cabin components, we recondition for training use and supply either as static training aids or modification for use in our simluation systems.

Our simulation systems can be ustilised in any aircraft (or even non-aircraft) simulation variant.

Sorry, there are currently no vacancies at Cabin Crew Safety Limited.