Airbus A320 Door & over wing door training mock-ups for sale

A rare chance to acquire working training mock ups for the popular A320 family of aircraft.

Published: 12th October, 2010


We currently have available two reconditioned, single aisle, A320 door trainer mock ups for sale. For sale as a pair stand alone door trainers allow training on both standard aircraft doors and the over wing emergency door. The system also includes the compressor to drive the doors power system.

While neither training mock up features systems additional to that of the standard aircraft there is scope to add Interphone, SEP scenarios or training audio visuals should the purchaser so wish.

Additional aircraft components can be fitted to either A320 mock up or it could be integrated into a larger cabin and galley system to reduce the cost of a start from scratch system.

Please contact our sales team in the UK with any questions, for more specific information or for general enquiries.

Airbus A320 Door Trainer For SaleAirbus A320 Over Wing Door Trainer For Sale

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Article: 'Airbus A320 Door & over wing door training mock-ups for sale'

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