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New customisable range of cabin crew safety demo briefing kits

  • 17th April, 2012
  • Last updated at 21:47
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Our new range of Cabin Crew Safety Demonstration Briefing Kits...

Before commencing any commercial flight most airline passengers will be familiar with the demonstration of the aircraft Safety and Emergency Procedures by the cabin crew.

One of the most popular items available from the cabincrewsafety.com equipment store is a range of cabin crew safety demonstration and briefing kits, which are now available in a standard format (Part 84000022) or customised with the logo of your airline, training academy or educational establishment (Part 84000076).

Airline Flight Attendant Safet Demo and Briefing Kit for Sale

The cabin safety demo briefing kits include:

Why not make your purchase a customised crew safety demonstration kit...?

Where required and available, a specific aircraft passenger safety card and/or passenger life jacket part can be supplied to match a specific aircraft cabin specification. The pouch for the cabin crew safety demo kit can also be purchased as a stand alone item.

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New customisable range of cabin crew safety demo briefing kits
New customisable range of cabin crew safety demo briefing kits

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About Cabin Crew Safety

Based in the United Kingdom, Cabin Crew Safety is a company with a very straightforward vision; to offer a global one stop supply point for training equipment and representative training devices to aid the training of current and future flight attendants.

From aircraft cabin and galley parts and SEP emergency equipment, to cabin and galley simulation systems and bespoke training projects, our internet and multimedia cabin crew training solutions are only limited by the scope of imagination.

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We are able to produce manufacturer generic and aircraft specific training simulations for virtually any cabin crew training requirements and any aircraft.

While every aircraft training schools mock up trainers differ, our core smoke, light and simulation systems remain the same whichever platform they are set to mimic.

Using client airline surplus equipment or drawn from our stock of recycled ex-fleet cabin components, we recondition for training use and supply either as static training aids or modification for use in our simluation systems.

Our simulation systems can be ustilised in any aircraft (or even non-aircraft) simulation variant.

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