Extended Stock Range of Aircraft First Aid Kits

Factory New (FN) AFAK for flight operations

As part of its continued commitment to ex-stock equipment Cabin Crew Safety today announced the increased range and stock of the popular DME Astronics AFAK range of Airline First Aid Kits (FAK), which now takes into account FAA 8130 certified EASA and JAR OPS models.

Aircraft First Aid Kit AFAKThe widening of the ex-stock product offer continues Cabin Crew Safety's commitment to have high availability stock available for fast despatch worldwide, wherever the customer requires. There is also no minimum order value or minimum order quantity across any item, including the range of First Aid Kits.

The stocked range of Airline First Aid Kits includes:

First Aid Kit - Standard FAAPart S6-01-0005-306Stock Ref: 90000006
First Aid Kit - JAR-OPSPart S6-01-0005-312Stock Ref: 90000041
First Aid Kit - EASAPart S6-01-0005-320Stock Ref: 90000043

The following FAK in the aviation range can also be supplied with the red crescent container label upon request :

First Aid Kit - Standard FAAPart S6-01-0005-318
First Aid Kit - JAR-OPSPart S6-01-0005-319
First Aid Kit - EASAPart S6-01-0005-321

First published by Cabin Crew Safety Ltd | 2016-09-16

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Article: 'Extended Stock Range of Aircraft First Aid Kits'

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