The EpiPen Trainer

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London, UK, December 22nd 2017 Cabin Crew Safety, announced today that is has added the EpiPen™ Trainer as a stock item and available for order as part of their AvMed training equipment.

EpiPen Trainer
EpiPen™ Trainer

Anaphylaxis is a serious problem and relies upon the quick response of those around the sufferer. Once anaphylaxis is identified it is imperative the EpiPen™ is administered at speed for the treatment of sudden life threatening allergic reactions to insect bites or stings, food such as peanut allergy, drugs or exercise. Some airlines have the EpiPen™ ready to use on board for these emergencies. Cabin Crew and Airline staff will need training and guidance on administering a dose of adrenaline.

The anaphylactic trainer is designed for the training room and is easily distinguishable from the real Auto-Injector. You can use an EpiPen™ Trainer to demonstrate to carers, work colleagues, friends and family, so they are familiar with how to administer an EpiPen™.

The EpiPen™ Trainer is reusable and allows the trainee/trainer to practice as many times as needed.

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First published by Cabin Crew Safety Ltd | 2017-12-22

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Article: 'The EpiPen Trainer'

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