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British Airways Manual Of Inflight Medical Care - Air crew training equipment

British Airways Manual Of Inflight Medical Care.

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Product Information

British Airways Manual Of Inflight Medical Care.

From the books introduction:

"Inflight medical incidents do not occur often but can arise at any time. All cabin crew members are legally required to be trained in aviation physiology and first aid and must be able to manage any medical incident during a flight. The unique aircraft environment demands training that is tailored to provide the specific knowledge and skills required.

The Manual of Inflight Medical Care has been designed to meet the needs of cabin crew. Experts from British Airways and MediAire, Inc. have worked with the publisher Dorling Kindersley to produce a manual that is up to date, informative, relevant and easy to use.

The content has been designed to meet all JAR-Ops requirements. It covers altitude physiology, travel health, life-saving, medical emergencies and trauma. The Resources chapter gives details of British Airways medical procedures and documentation, as well as a full guide to the medical equipment carried on their aircraft. The content will be reviewed annually and the loose-leaf format allows new or amended pages, or any urgent changes (issued as Red Notices), to be inserted.

Our aim has been to provide you with a manual that is of practical use when you are faced with a medical incident. We hope that it will guide you effectively through any situation that you may encounter.."

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