Voice Gun A12AS Red Crew Megaphone.

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Voice Gun A12AS Red Crew Megaphone.

Passengers are more likely to evacuate an aircraft where there is an obvious sign of danger however the absence of such danger may allow passengers to believe that they have more time than they think and as such that they may think of gathering and saving their belongings ahead of swiftly exiting an aircraft.

To prevent this occurring, or in the event of a panic situation, it is vitally important that Cabin Crew exert firm control over the situation and that commands and emergency instructions are given by the Cabin Crew.

All large passenger aircraft carry megaphones as part of their emergency equipment and the Federal Signal Corporation A12AS "red" emergency megaphone is standard SEP equipment aboard many airlines aircraft. It is a vital piece of aircraft emergency equipment and it's robust and rugged construction makes it ideal for day to day use for training Cabin Crew in aircraft emergency procedures.

At cabincrewsafety.com our stocks of the Federal Signal A12AS emergency megaphones are tested and shipped with batteries (requires 8 x AA type, fitted into the battery compartment located in the pistol grip).

We also carry stocks of aircraft SEP emergency megaphones


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