MedAire Aircraft First Aid Kit.

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Product Information

MedAire Aircraft First Aid Kit.

This MedAire Aircraft First Aid Kit (Part IFAK-E) is an excellent example of the medical equipment required to be carried aboard commercial aircraft for use by cabin crew or a trained medical professional in the event of a medical emergency on board while in flight.

Any aviation first aid kit is designed to cope with a wide variety of medical emergencies aboard aircraft however this first aid kit is an excellent example and meets or exceeds the requirements of FAR Part 91, 121, 135 and JAR OPS 1.745 and CAR 624.39.

The MedAire Aircraft First Aid Kit boasts one of the most comprehensive inventories of any aircraft medical kit and is divided into four key areas:

  • BLUE - Airway Equipment
  • BLACK - Medications
  • RED - Wound Equipment
  • ORANGE - Assessment and Other Equipment

As well as the standard suite of medical tablets, bandages, gauzes, swabs all aircraft first aid kits contain a copy of the ground/Air visual signal code and first aid handbook and also includes a CPR pocket mask, digital thermometer, blood pressure cuff and stethoscope.

Please note that this aircraft medical kit is time expired and as such it is sold for reference and static training only or illustration of the typical contents of an aviation first aid kit. It is not supplied as a working model for use any medical capacity or emergency situation.


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