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Electronic Fire Simulation Starter.

A flame free electronic source for the ignition of real fire and hot fire training scenarios.

As with all hot fire training, aviation fire training is carried out in a strictly controlled environment in order to present the cabin crew undertaking fire fighting training with the most realistic simulation of a fire in the cabin on a commercial aircraft. While any hot fire training needs to offer a realistic simulation of those likely to be found in a real cabin emergency situation, this training must be balanced with the safety of the crew and instructors undertaking the fire fighting scenario.

Custom built aircraft fire training simulators and hot fire trainers use a controlled flammable gas source to provide specific scenarios to the cabin crew undertaking fire training and this range of battery operated fire ignition wands allow trainers and instructors to ignite the real fire training scenarios without using a naked flame.

The real fire training ignition wands feature:

  • Battery powered (2 x AA batteries) for portability
  • Built in LED torch to illuminate dark areas when igniting
  • 700mm Stainless Steel barrel for minimised corrosion & ignition distance
  • Rubber jacket for drop resistance and splash proofing
  • Customisable front label for your company or academy logo
  • One year's return to base warranty against manufacturing defects

The electronic fire scenario ignition wands are part of a range of aviation training products for cabin crew training for cabin fire fighting, some of which include:

At we are also able to offer hot fire and real fire aircraft training simulations as part of our comprehensive and wide range of products for the recurrent and SEP training of flight attendants and aircraft crew.


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