Air Liquide Training Smoke Hood.

Air Liquide | AT-AL-002


Product Information

Air Liquide Training Smoke Hood.

The Air Liquide aircraft training PBE model is manufactured from the original Air Liquide smoke hood, which makes them as realistic as it gets when it comes to fire training for air crew.

One of a range of training smoke hoods, the Air Liquide smoke hood compliments manufactured representations of the Drager smoke hood and Scott/Avox smoke hood. Every training smoke hood in the range ships with a replaceable neck seal, which is also available to order separately should the original unit get damaged during training.

Accessories for this Air Liquide training smoke hood include:

Please note that the Drager and Scott/Avox replaceable latex neck seals are a different part to the Air Liquide training PBE latex neck seal.

Stock of any training smoke hoods and neck seals are readily available from our UK base and can be shipped worldwide.


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