Product Information

CPR Training Manikin Family Pack.

This professional use CPR training manikin set is packed full of easy to use features to deliver realistic CPR training across a range of adult, child and infant models.

Features and benefits include:

  • Realistic look and feel.
  • Fast and simple clamshell torso that accommodates and easy to install face shield lung bag for minimumn fuss and set up.
  • CPR Rate monitor gives students and instructors instant feedback regarding the rate of chest compressions.
  • An Audible clicker is also fitted so that only a correct and full chest compression to the appropriate depth causes the audio feedback giving students experience of the true force needed to deliver real life chest compressions.
  • Lightweight and less than half the weight of the nearest competitor means that it is more effective to ship, easy to move around and places less fatigue on the instructor.

This set is part of a range that includes a multi-pack of four adult torso CPR manikins (for classroom training) and a single adult torso CPR manikin.

As with all CPR manikins the family pack ships with a carry case for easy stowage and protection.


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for air crew training.


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for flight operations


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