Rosco 1700 Fog Machine For SEP And CEET Fire Training.

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Product Information

Rosco 1700 Fog Machine For SEP And CEET Fire Training.

The Rosco Model 1700 fog machine is a an essential piece of equipment used in training aircraft SEP and simulating fire with a crew training CEET. As a specialist supplier of stand alone crew training equipment or integrator of training control systems, are an authorised reseller of Rosco fog machines within the aviation training market.

Every feature of the Rosco Model 1700 has been evaluated and state-of-the-art technology applied to give long-life reliability and high performance. The machine delivers fog output equal to, or more, than previous fog machines, but in keeping with modern practice, draws low power - 1190 Watts.

Control of the model fog machine can be by its own stand alone remote control (stored on board) and featuring a 15 foot cable and fine control for volume as well as on-board timers, or alternatively the device can by controlled directly by our CEET control system.

The fog outlet cowling accepts the standard Rosco hose adaptor and ducting hose system.

The Model 1700 gives a high burst of fog and then ramps back to give continuous fog at any volume setting with no interruption for a reheat cycle. With few replacement parts this machines proves to be an easy machine to service and maintain.

The Rosco Model 1700 accepts the 4 litre Rosco Fog Fluid bottle, which makes it accessible to the entire range of Rosco fluids.

Rosco Model 1700 Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 19.5 in. x 9.75 in. x 8.5 in. - 49.5cm x 24.8cm x 21.6cm (LWH).
  • Supply Voltage: 120v 60Hz /240v 50Hz.
  • Power: 1190W (220 - 250v)
  • Maximum fluid use: 3 litres/hour
  • Warm-up time: 8 minutes.
  • Guarantee: 1 Year.

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