BE Aerospace Puritan Bennett Style Training PBE Smoke Hood.

Cabin Crew Safety | 119003-11


Product Information

BE Aerospace Puritan Bennett Style Training PBE Smoke Hood.

Part of a range of training representations of common aviation smoke hoods, which also include both Drager PBE and Scott Avox PBE units, these training PBE's are manufactured for specifically for purpose and are not modified, time expired, OEM smoke hoods.

Our range of training smoke hoods has many cost and lifetime advantages over the original cabin emergency equipment, which is ultimately designed for single use and not the repeated and demanding use of everyday airline cabin crew fire and CEET training.

This range of crew training smoke hoods is readily available for worldwide shipping from stocks held in the UK and offers :

  • Durability - Manufactured using robust materials that can withstand continued and repeated use.
  • Hygenic - All of our training PBE's can be easily washed, disinfected or replaced.
  • Long life - As well as being highly durable the common parts of our training PBE's can be readily repaired or replaced with commonly used spare parts readily available (parts include replacement neck seals).
  • Realistic -.These PBE's feel and operate like the real thing. Simulated sprung candles ensures that the flight attendant in training experiences the sensation of igniting a PBE.

Accessories for this PBE training smoke hood include:


Reference equipment
for air crew training.


Certified equipment
for flight operations


Stocked inventory
ready to ship worldwide.


Experienced support staff
to help and assist.