Drager PBE Smoke Hood BOX ONLY.

BE Aerospace | E28180-14


Product Information

Drager PBE Smoke Hood BOX ONLY.

NOTE: This is a factory new OEM box

This factory new unit is the BE Aerospace manufacturers original box that houses the popular OXYCREW Drager PBE smoke hood. The device is best suited to aircraft representative training devices where exact replication of the aircraft equipment is required to allow crew in training to experience and familiarise themselves with both the equipment, its stowage and location.

Other options for Drager OXYCREW PBE

For those not requiring factory new units the following other Drager PBE options may also present a more competitive solution:

The box may be mounted to a suitable bulkhead using the Drager OXCREW PBE bracket.


Reference equipment
for air crew training.


Certified equipment
for flight operations


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