Product Information

Hand Held Portable Fog Generator.

This portable hand held fog generator is a robust solution to training scenarios not ducted into a full cabin CEET.

Operating from a 12V battery and fitted with a 400Watt heat exchanger, this portable smoke machine is capable of producing a good volume of safe, controllable smoke on demand.

A suitable 110V/230V charger is included with the hand held fogger and spare battery packs, remote control leads and radio remote control systems are all available as optional extras if required.

Specification: Hand Held Portable Smoke/Fog Machine

Heat Exchanger400Watts
Smoke OutputUp to 10 minutes at maximum output
Adjustable Smoke OutputYes
Chemical Consumption10ml per minute at maximum output
Size22 x 10 x 21 cm
Weight5.5 Kg
Charging Time13-14 Hours
Warm up time0.5 seconds (from cold)
Smoke Hang Time Hang Time Index 1 / 15-20 minutes


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for air crew training.


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for flight operations


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