Atlas Aircraft Service Cart Clear Plastic Drawer.

Cabin Crew Safety | 84000131


Product Information

Atlas Aircraft Service Cart Clear Plastic Drawer.

These new Atlas Food Service Drawers are manufactured from translucent plastic (Polypropylene) and can be used to populate any Single Atlas Service Cart or Double Atlas Service Cart.

Each cart drawer measures (376mm x 272mm x 109mm) and a single aircraft trolley will hold a total of seven Atlas Plastic Drawers, while a double aircraft trolley will hold fourteen.

For larger requirements the cart drawers can be branded with either print or emboss features and are available in a range of colour finishes too.

An Atlas Aluminium Drawer is also available where required. Manufactured from 5052 grade Aluminium these aircraft cabin service drawers are a little smaller than the plastic versions ( 380mm x 271mm x 105mm).

For those wishes to populate or recreate a commercial airliner galley for either a CST or CEET or project, there are other options to compliment these Atlas Food Drawers.

These include but are not limited to:


Reference equipment
for air crew training.


Certified equipment
for flight operations


Stocked inventory
ready to ship worldwide.


Experienced support staff
to help and assist.