RFD Passenger Life Jacket 102 Mk3.

RFD | 00002291


Product Information

RFD Passenger Life Jacket 102 Mk3.

The RFD 102 Mk3 passenger life vest is the latest generation of this series and is offered in three variants; web tie variant, buckle fastening variant and press stud valise models.

RFD 102 Mk3 features:

This version of the 102 Mk3 life vest (part reference 00002291) features:

  • Buckle fastening
  • CAA/FAA Approval
  • Sealed valise
  • 10-year service interval
  • 235x75x100mm package size
  • 455g weight

Other RFD 102 Mk3 models

Other models in the RFD 102 Mk 3 series include:

  • 00002256 passenger life vest (Web tie fastening variant)
  • 40982002 safety demo life vest (Demo version, web tie variant)
  • 44563001 safety demo life vest (Demo version, buckle fastening)

Alternative valise models are available with a press stud valise. These offer 5-year service interval and are:

  • 00002214 passenger life vest (Web tie, press stud valise)
  • 00002406 passenger life vest (Buckle fastening, press stud valise)


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