Boeing Flight Deck Door Access Keypad.

Boeing  | 285T0852-1


Product Information

Boeing Flight Deck Door Access Keypad.

This keypad is the cabin side part of the aircraft CDSS system and is implemented across various Boeing aircraft for the cabin crew to request entry to the flight deck from the flight crew.

This is the original Boeing part (not a copy item) and is essential when recreating representative training devices for training crew on the operation of the CDSS keypad in normal and emergency situations.

It should be noted that the keypad itself is just a numeric input device, with three feedback LED's and does not feature any other logic or microprocessor system; it therefore needs integrating into a suitable control system in in order to accurately represent the system on the aircraft.

Representative CDSS training device or upgrade to an existing mock-up?

Cabin Crew Safety offer a complete, standalone, representative CDSS flight deck door training mock up or representative CDSS flight deck door upgrade system for an existing training mock-up are available for training organisations requiring CDSS flight deck door access training.


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