RFD Infant Life Jacket Mk22.

RFD | A316102A00RFD


Product Information

RFD Infant Life Jacket Mk22.


Airworthiness Approval Tag

This item is supplied factory new (NE) with the OEM EASA Form 1 Authorised Release Certificate and Airworthiness Approval Tag.  If your application is not for aircraft use then a more cost effective option may be our stock reference:
84000117 - RFD Infant Life Jacket Mk22.

The infant model in the Beaufort aviation life vest series, this life Beaufort Mk22 life jacket comes fitted with an additional harness separate from the waist belt to aid lifting infants in and out of the water. A lifeline attached to the infant lifejacket enables the infant to be tied to an adult or to a survival life raft.

The infant life preserver is supplied pre-packed in a vacuum packed valise which is marked 'INFANT' to assist in giving clear indication to crew and passengers and is supplied factory new (NE) with OEM EASA Form 1 airworthiness certification.

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    • Hazmat item

      This RFD Infant Life Jacket Mk22 (RFD part reference A316102A00RFD) is classified as hazardous goods for shipping and requires specific hazardous materials packing and documentation for transit.


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