Passenger Safety Briefing Kit For Training Use.

Manufacturer: Cabin Crew Safety, OEM Part Number: 84000022

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Stock Information:

84000022 - Cabin Crew Safety Passenger Safety Briefing Kit For Training Use - Aircraft training part.

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Product Information

84000022 - Cabin Crew Safety Passenger Safety Briefing Kit For Training Use - Aircraft training part.

A rugged and hard wearing pre-flight passenger safety demonstration kit that is intended for training schools, academies, or colleges delivering training scenarios to students or professional flight attendants.

Note: For use by the cabin crew onboard operationally active aircraft there is also a professional passenger safety demonstration kit for flight operations, available.

Our assembled for purpose training version of the aircraft passenger safety demo kit contains the following items, which are all AR (As Removed) or SU (Surplus) aviation equipment that may be airline branded:

The safety demonstration equipment is housed in a zippered black vinyl pouch and clearly marked 'CREW DEMO KIT - NOT FOR AIRCRAFT USE'.

All passenger safety demonstration kits can be branded with the logo of the airline and any text added or modified as required.

Product weight: 0.775 Kg (1.71 lbs)

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What does PCC (Part Condition CodeAR mean?

(AR) As Removed components have come directly off an aircraft and have had no work done by an approved repair facility. There may be signs of use and minor cosmetic marks. No FAA certification accompanies these parts however a certificate of origin is available upon request.

This item is not for aircraft use and is offered as a static cabin training item.

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We are able to produce manufacturer generic and aircraft specific training simulations for virtually any cabin crew training requirements and any aircraft.

While every aircraft training schools mock up trainers differ, our core smoke, light and simulation systems remain the same whichever platform they are set to mimic.

Using client airline surplus equipment or drawn from our stock of recycled ex-fleet cabin components, we recondition for training use and supply either as static training aids or modification for use in our simluation systems.

Our simulation systems can be ustilised in any aircraft (or even non-aircraft) simulation variant.

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