Anti Choking Trainer BLUE.

Act Fast | AF-101-B


Product Information

Anti Choking Trainer BLUE.

Features a patented Air Bladder for practicing the Abdominal Thrust Manoeuvre as indicated in the American Heart Association choking rescue protocol.


  • 1) Pull the vest on, fasten the waist belt and drop a foam plug into the "airway"
  • 2) Place your hands in the correct position, between the navel and ribcage
  • 3) Deliver a quick, upward Abdominal Thrust Manoeuvre (Heimlich)
  • 4. The training device can be used standing, sitting, on the ground or even for choking self-rescue by using a counter or chair.
  • 5) Caution: Do not use force, it is not necessary and may cause injury


Intended for use under the direction of suitably qualified Instructors.


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