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Aircraft Flashlight Assembly EF-1 Beige.


Airworthiness Approval Tag

This item is supplied factory new (NE) with the OEM EASA Form 1 Authorised Release Certificate and Airworthiness Approval Tag.  If your application is not for aircraft use then a more cost effective option may be our stock reference:
84000018 - Aircraft Flashlight Assembly EF-1 Beige.

The popular aircraft EF-1 flashlight system offers a high intensity emergency light source where a portable light source is required. Activation is automatic when the EF-1 is removed from its bracket and deactivated when reinstalled.

This part refers to the aircraft flashlight however bracket part reference P2-07-0004-201 is available separately or as a complete EF-1 Flashlight Assembly part reference P2-07-0001-214.


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