Scott Avox PBE - Crew Smoke Hood.

AVOX | 802300-14


Product Information

Scott Avox PBE - Crew Smoke Hood.

Portable Breathing Equipment (PBE) are an essential piece of aircraft crew fire fighting equipment and a popular smoke hood model with airline and aircraft fit out is the Scott AVOX PBE (Scott Part Number 802300-14).

This desktop reference item is the original manufacturers model and is supplied with the original box and internal pouch. As with all original reference PBE this item is not designed to be worn in training, only viewed in a classroom.

For training purposes, where candidates are required to familiarise themselves with the donning and operation of PBE then a representative manufactured version should be used, which is designed for such requirements.

A training representation of the Scott PBE is available as part reference 82000012.


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