Product Information

Universal Precaution Kit Reorder Module.

This Universal Precaution Module refill pack allows the Universal Precaution Kit (UPK) part reference S6-01-0026-001 to be restocked quickly and simply after use and contains all of the original items sealed in the original kit.

List of Contents

Universal Precaution Kit Module 
Safety Shield Combo, Mouth/Eye Protection1 EA
Vinyl Gloves, Size Large2 PAIR
Antimicrobial Hand Wipe2 EA
Fluid Resistant Open Back Gown1 EA
Red Biohazard Waste Bag2 EA
Twist Tie2 EA
Disinfectant Germicidal Wipe1 EA
Scoop and Scraper1 EA
Dry Solidifier (absorbs 160z of fluid)1 EA
Large Absorbent Towel1 EA
Instructions1 EA
Disposable Bonnet1 EA
Disposable Shoe Covers1 PAIR

Note: While this replacement UPK module does not contain items that are life-limited the manufacturer recommends a visual check at each overhaul cycle.


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