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Large Battery Explosion And Fire Containment Bag.

The materials used in these bags have been FAA certified (certificates available upon request). The tests conducted in accordance with Title 14 CFR, PART 25- Subpart D, 25.853 (a) compartment interiors. [Amdt. 25-116, 69 FR 62788, Nov 26, 2004] Appendix F to Part 25, Part I (a)(1)(ii) [Amdt. 25-111, Eff. 9/2/2003] and FAA Compliant.

Third Party (FAA Certified Lab) Testing Conclusion "... the containment bag provided an effective means of containing a laptop fire and thermal runaway of the Li-ion battery pack. The gloves to be used in placing the potential item into the bag are also adequate in providing heat and flame protection for the purpose of placing the item into the containment bag..." Test documentation available upon request.

Rapidly expanding gases released during a Lithium-Ion thermal runaway makes a containment bag want to blow up like a balloon. Velcro will easily pull apart and release almost all of the dangerous smoke (possibly debris and flames as well) unless it is used on a pull over flap as in this models design. Tests were conducted using small explosives to over emphasize the bags capacity to contain rapid expansion. The explosion and fire containment bags passed these violent detonation tests with zero exterior damage and the flaps all held in place 100%.

The bags were tested on 4 separate occasions with an overheated laptop, each containing a 3,500mAh - 4500mAh Lithium-Ion battery. The computers melted and burned during these 1 hour tests. The bags showed zero exterior damage. The pull over flaps combined with carbon liner also absorbed a significant amount of smoke.

Further tests were conducted with an overheated laptop and cell phone battery (combined capacity of 8,000 mAh- twice as much power as a typical laptop). Again the bag passed this test with 100% containment.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Fire Containment Bag (Large - Laptop Sized)
  • 1 Pair Fire Resistant Gloves
  • 1 100mm X 100mm Vinyl Peel & Stick Placard "PED FIRE CONTAINMENT BAG LOCATED HERE"
  • Each Bag Has Its Own Unique Serial Number for easier tracking and maintenance recording.
  • Each Bag Undergoes A 5 Point Quality Control Inspection Before Shipping (an inspection sheet Certificate of Conformity is signed by the inspector and ships with EACH BAG)
  • Each order ships with annual inspection recommendations and warranty info.


  • Laptop Sized
  • 370mm x 430mm x 50mm
  • Rolled Up 130mm Diameter x 430mm (WITH GLOVES ENCLOSED)


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