NOT FOR AIRCRAFT USE Adhesive Vinyl Sticker Set.

Cabin Crew Safety | 86000013


Product Information

NOT FOR AIRCRAFT USE Adhesive Vinyl Sticker Set.

Cabin SEP Equipment items supplied by are not for aircraft use and for the purposes of training existing flight attendants and prospective cabin crew.

In order to prevent such items accidently being deployed to in service cabins we mark all equipment with these adhesive backed labels, which we can also supply as a sticker set for cabin training schools and crew academy use.

Product Information:

  • Supplied on a handy A3 adhesive backed high performance vinyl sheet
  • UV laminated for added fade/scuff protection and easy wipe
  • Each sheet contains 9 large and 13 small pre "kiss cut" adhesive labels
  • Large label is 100mm x 60mm. Small label is 60mm x 20mm
  • Red text clearly states .Not for Aircraft Use. in red letters
  • Small text in the bottom corner

International shipping of lightweight items

All international courier companies have a minimum carton weight and a single NOT FOR AIRCRAFT USE Adhesive Vinyl Sticker Set falls below this minimum. Purchasing a single unit and shipping from our UK base may therefore not be economical for some customer requirements.


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