Large Galley Trolley/Canister Securing Bracket.

Cabin Crew Safety | 84000055


Product Information

Large Galley Trolley/Canister Securing Bracket.

These red anodised securing brackets are used to safely mechanically stow service carts and canisters within the aircraft galley when not in use or to prevent items moving during turbulence.

These items offer cost effective realism when constructing replica galleys, where these large and small securing brackets can be used to effectively illustrate and simulate the use of these items within a replica aircraft galley.

As well as these genuine galley items we are able to supply the following items for your galley or cabin service project:

  • Aircraft Service Coffee Machines
  • Aircraft Service Water Boilers
  • Aircraft Service Ovens
  • Single Attendant Cabin Service Trolleys/Carts
  • Double Attendant Cabin Service Trolleys/Carts
  • Galley Canisters
  • Gash Carts
  • Bar Carts
  • Galley Curtains

International shipping of lightweight items

All international courier companies have a minimum carton weight and a single Large Galley Trolley/Canister Securing Bracket falls below this minimum. Purchasing a single unit and shipping from our UK base may therefore not be economical for some customer requirements.


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