Aircraft Representative Training Devices

Solutions for Flight Attendant Initial, Recurrent & Type training requirements

Representative Training Devices and Systems for Cabin Crew Training

100% Crew Training

  • Representative Training Devices (RTD) for Emergency Training
  • Representative Training Devices (RTD) for operational Type Training
  • Upgrade exisiting training cabins & Representative Training Devices
  • Stand alone cabin electronic systems
  • New & used/overhauled representative training devices
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The complete design and manufacture solution

Cabin Crew Safety Training Equipment and Simulation Systems
  • Design, development and production of custom electronics
    from a simple attendant call system to a complete cabin communications system
  • Design and production of electrical control systems
    from a simple PSU mask drop and recall system to a complete CEET fire and smoke system
  • Mechanical design, fabrication and build
    from a frame around a crew rest module to a complete training rig
  • Audio scenario and scenario soundtrack mixing and production
    from CST cruising to CEET pandemonium
  • Still photograph image manipulation
    from 35,000ft out of your cabin window to virtual aircraft tours
  • Live video and animation production
    from a gentle taxi to an aborted take off

General Aircraft Cabin Training Systems

Build a mock-up aircraft cabin in your classroom

Using the original aircraft parts we produce a range of very effective, classroom install cabin kits, which can vary in size according to available space and class sizes in your training room.

A typical cabin kit would be one side of an narrow body cabin (Boeing 737 or Airbus A320) and four rows of Passenger triple seats, with kits comprising sidewalls, lighting panels, overhead luggage bins and Passenger Service Units (PSU) complete with PAX masks.

Equipment from our cabin training equipment store can be added to customer requirements, as well as galleys and lavatory modules as and where required.

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Aircraft passenger cabin PA/Interphone training systems

Passenger cabin PA/Interphone systems

Using the original aircraft handsets we can recreate the aircraft cabin PA and Interphone system for all aircraft types, from a two handset narrow body up to multi-crew station wide body aircraft.

Our aircraft cabin communications systems feature:

  • Audio Chimes
  • Station Indicators
  • PA Priority
  • Crew Station to Station calling
  • Cabin to Flight Deck Communications
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Passenger Aircraft Virtual Tour Software Training

Aircraft virtual tour and virtual familiarisation training

Access to aircraft on the ground can be difficult and expensive even for the airlines that operate them. For basic familiarisation we can offer virtual aircraft tours.

Reduce your aircraft visit costs and take your crew onboard via a web browser:

  • Access via tablet or workstation
  • Gives a full walk around of common aircraft types
  • Allows familiarisation with crew stations, equipment and aircraft layout

Flight Attendant call systems

Allow the Attendant Call button in the Passenger Service Units (PSU) in your training to function as aircraft with our Attendant Call system.

From a single PSU to an entire cabin fit out.

  • Compatible with Boeing and Airbus PSU's (others possible)
  • Output for call station lights
  • Flexible system that can be added to or upgraded to more PSU's

Cabin Emergency Evacuation Training (CEET) Systems

Aircraft cabin evacuation training escape slide

Aircraft emergency evacuation Slides, Slide Rafts & Rafts

Manufactured from tough materials, designed to offer long life, reduced 'polishing' of the surface from wear, deceleration pads and mounting hooks, the representative evacuation descent slide offers many benefits over the original slide carried onboard the aircraft.

Accurate representation of aircraft slides are manufactured to order and can be customised where required. Wet training or dry training models are available where applicable as well as customised aircraft slide rafts and slides for use in the training pool.

Aircraft Cabin, Lavatory and Galley Smoke and Fire Scenarios

Using a combination of theatrical fog, sound and lighting effects and our unique electrical and electronic controls we can realistically put multiple scenarios into an existing training rig or offer stand alone systems, such as a lavatory module or galley.

Typical fire and smoke scenarios include:

  • Galley equipment fire (complete with interactive breaker panel)
  • Aircraft lavatory bin fire or lavatory toilet heater fire.
  • Aircraft First Class Cabin seat fire
  • Overhead luggage bin bag fire
  • Aircraft lavatory hot door fire

Virtually any passenger aircraft cabin fire training scenario within the aircraft cabin can be created where required.

Passenger Aircraft SEP CEET Fire and Smoke cabin training systems...

Aircraft Cabin Window Video Screens and Situation Audio Effects

Being able to display a seamless still or moving panorama outside the passenger windows of the representative cabin trainer, combined with audio playback, offers a much greater depth of realism for all levels of training.

Our digital media players are capable of playing still images, video images and audio files without the need for costly PC's or servers. This offers a very competitive way to upgrade any training mock up.


Training crew in the normal operation of an aircraft cabin is also available using our systems to feedback and replicate cabin systems. Aircraft doors, galleys, overhead lockers, toilets, lighting and service can all be made more realistic using our cabin systems.

Pilot Incapacitation/Cockpit Door Access System Training

Our Aircraft Flight Deck Door Training System (CDSS) replicates the operation of both Airbus and Boeing Flight Deck Doors, as well as the Flight Deck CCTV system, in one unit.

Fully programmable (for variable normal and emergency access codes), as well as featuring live and playback CCTV images, the Flight Deck Door Training System exceeds the requirements of cabin crew operational and emergency access training.

Aircraft Representative Door Training Equipment

Passenger Aircraft Representative Cabin Door Trainers (DT)

Passenger Aircraft Representative Type A Door Trainer

The representative cabin door trainer (DT) is one of the most important pieces of training equipment for flight attendant training. Representing aicraft door operation in a variety of modes, from standard operation to door jams and blocked cabin exits, the cabin door trainer (DT) can vary widely in its functions beyond the basic operational training requirements.

Generally fitted out with our digital media players, which allow operational sound effects and in window scenario video, the DT is built to customer specification and individual requirements.

At Cabin Crew Safety we can also upgrade and refurbish representative cabin training equipment and offer sales platform for the purchase and sale of aircraft training equipment that is surplus to requirements.

Passenger Aircraft Representative Over Wing Exit Trainers (OWE)

Generally manufactured using the original manufacturers plug and frame the Over Wing Exit (OWE) representative training device can have a variety of functions and passenger cabin parts/equipment to maximise its training effectiveness. This can include passenger seating, cabin luggage bins, bulkheads, cabin emergency floor lighting etc.

At Cabin Crew Safety we can also upgrade and refurbish representative cabin training equipment and offer sales platform for the purchase and sale of aircraft training equipment that is surplus to requirements.

Looking for something a little different?

Custom projects to meet your project or upgrade requirements

With a wide range of design, manufacturing and software experience in the field of aviation training we are able to develop simulation systems to meet almost any requirement.

An aircraft parts base, airline install base and aviation customers worldwide mean we can draw on unique resources to turn your idea for a project into reality.

Let's talk about your project requirements...
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Upgrading your representative training couldn't be easier!

We are able to produce manufacturer generic and aircraft specific training simulations for virtually any cabin crew training requirements and any aircraft.

While every aircraft training schools mock up trainers differ, our core smoke, light and simulation systems remain the same whichever platform they are set to mimic.

Using client airline surplus equipment or drawn from our stock of recycled ex-fleet cabin components, we recondition for training use and supply either as static training aids or modification for use in our simluation systems.

Our simulation systems can be ustilised in any aircraft (or even non-aircraft) simulation variant.

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