Cabin Crew Training Simulators

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Everything for your crew in training

Cabin Crew training simulators
Training equipment supplies

Aircraft Door & Exit Training (DT)

Aircraft representative DT and OWET trainers

Boeing 747 main door trainer DT

Real Fire Fighting Training

Scenario based RFFT fire rigs

Emergency Evacuation Training

Evacuation slides & representative CEET devices

Aircraft evacuation training escape slide

Ditching Wet Drill Training

Slide rafts & escape rafts for the pool

Air crew wet drill training emergency life raft

Cabin Service Training

Mock CST aircraft cabins & galleys

Flight Deck Emergency Training

FDAS/CDSS & Pilot Incapacitation

Generic Airbus/Boeing FDAS Flight Deck Access System TrainerBoei

Projects & Consultancy

From a new training academy to training delivery innovations. We turn your idea into training reality.

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Aviation Training Projects & Consultancy

Maintenance & Upgrade

Preventative maintainence, servicing and function upgrades; maximising and protecting your investment.

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Maintenance, Service & Upgrade